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Welcome to ffboys_awards, an icontest community dedicated solely to the male characters of the Final Fantasy series. It's inspired from ff_men_awards, because the concept was loved. Hopefully people will still be interested.

Founder: shono_hime.
Maintainer: tinkerbri.

☆ rules.

- Only members can submit icons and vote.
- All icons must be conform to livejournal's standards: 100x100 max and less than 40 kb.
- All icons must be made fresh for the challenge. No reusing of old icons, please. :)
- No showing your icons before the contest is over and the winners have been announced.
- Animated icons are allowed, doujinshi and fanart as well, as long as you credit the artists properly.
- The icons must portray a male character from one of the Final Fantasy games from 1 to 13, Advent Children or other spin-offs and any character related to Final Fantasy in the Kingdom Hearts games. Female characters can be included as long as the focus is on a male character.

☆ submitting.

- You may submit up to 2 icons for every challenge, unless otherwise stated.
- Please use the following format when you submit an icon:

URL: http://yourhost.com/youricon.gif
Character (Game): Squall, Tidus, Cloud (FF 8, 10, AC)
Credits: (If applicable)

☆ voting.

- Voting will be posted at the end of the submitting phase.
- You will have three days to vote.
- Do not vote for yourself or ask your friends to vote for you.
- Vote for your favorite 3 icons, unless stated otherwise, using the following format: 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
- A special category or a mod's choice may be added if we get enough entries.

☆ past contests.

- Click here to view past winners and banners.
- Apply here to become a banner maker.

☆ affiliates.


To become an affiliate, please comment on this post. Only Final Fantasy and video games-related challenges, and other icontests. :)

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